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The New Easy Sump From Flotec

Name Describe your main reasons for either recommending or not recommending the product: Best Feature(s):
Terry Beaver This pump has lots of power and is very easy to hook up even you are not a pro it still can be installed it only took me 20 min to install this pump. The fact that the check valve is aready installed makes it a very easy hookup.
TR Baun Very easy to install it is US made and has clear concise instructions. Comes assembled and ready to go to work ,you only need a screwdriver and maybe a hacksaw for installation.
Rick Kromka I would recommend this product to anyone having a need for a sump pump as this was the easiest & most straight forward installation anyone could ask for. Even a weekend handyman could ace this one. Compactness & ease of installation
Bill DeSimone The Easy Sump replaced an old existing pump in 10 minutes, having everything in one box is great, there are no extra parts needed and they even include a flexible hose for emergency use. Great product with the all in one packaging. All items in box that are needed for replacement.
Cliff Shaw This was the fastest sump i had ever put in. I just had to disconect my old plumbing drop the easy sump in the hole and reconnect took less than ten min. Ease of insallation
David Comstock Ease of installation...all parts are provided, minimal tools are necessary, and it goes in pretty quickly to an existing sump. Ease of installation...all parts are provided, minimal tools are necessary, and it goes in pretty quickly to an existing sump.
David Davis Really like how easy it installed. Powerful pump water enters into pump on top.
Bill Harper The quietness, and ease of installation are exceptional. Very well manufactured. I appreciated it coming with the optional 24 ft hose for emergency use. Quietness, and wiring design.
Jody Wanken Everything you need is in one kit easy installation and good instruction to install well built and ready for use in know time Everything is in the box to get it out if using the flex hose and also ready for pvc if that is what you are using
Kenny Roeder This product does a good job of removing the water, quiet. The stop value
Thomas F. Hoffman The box contains all that you will need short of some simple hand tools to install this as a replacement of an existing sump pump or for an emergency sump pump since flexible hose is included in the same box. All inclusive product.
James Whitesell This is a very easy sump pump to install all that is needed is a saw and a screw driver. "Discharge pipe has pre-drilled anti airlock hole, check valve and float assembly are already installed. Just cut the old discharge line to the correct height and tighten hose clamp and plug in. The pump is quiet and the float switch works effortlessly"
Greg Burns I would recomend this product because it is a complete kit. It has all necessary fittings and a hose for temporary use and is prewired with a plug. This is one product you do not need to buy anything to install it is all in the box. Complete kit nothing else to buy it has all fittings and is prewired.
Robert Sobioch The Flotec Easy Sump is a very easy to install!! Cut your existing pipe to the right height, pull out your old unit and slip in the new!! Make an adjustment to the float if needed and plug it in!! DONE in 15 minutes! Easy install & one contained piece! Minimal tools needed to complete job!!
Keith B. Orem I like the fact that everything i needed arrived in the box. Also the ease in which it was installed .The materials are of good quality, strong, built tough, feels sturdy . I'm very confident the Flotec EASY pump will out last my previous pump. Strong Housing & Parts . Everything included is a great help ! Fast to install, I'm calling these the Tony the Tiger pump's, Thier GRRRRRREAT!
Ronald Gedeika This product was the easist to set up It is very quiet 7 very quick getting rid of the water in the sump. Ease of installing
David Nyberg The installation of the Flotec Sump Pump was very simple. When tested, it exceeded my expectations when compared to my old pump. I expect this to last a LONG TIME! Flow rate, Ease of installation, and peace of mind. All the "accessories" came with the pump. Other brands have added cost accessories that Flotec had in the box!
Jerrod Christian I've used the flowtech brand before and this keeps up with there quality of products.Easy to install just measure cut and put in place and hook up already to go out of the box. Ease of installation
Tom Whitlock It came all together, lightweight, good size, all you had to do was connect the output hose. I haven't really got a chance to use it, since I don't have a lot of water to pump out right now.
Brett Payne The Flotec Easy Sump has been the fastest and easiest sump pump that I've ever installed. Remove your current one (if necessary) and take the new one out of the box and as simple as cutting a piece of pipe and tightening a hose clamp and you're done! Ease of installation and the ability to adapt to a variety of application with the included check valve, with connections for flexible and rigid applications.
James S. Newman The main reason for making recommendation is it is easy to install and is powerful enough to handle most any job. Easy to install or uninstall which ever is needed.
Tom Roberson I think one of the best features of the Flotec, besides being totally submersible, is the check valve that prevents water from flowing back in the pit. I think one of the best features of the Flotec, besides being totally submersible, is the check valve that prevents water from flowing back in the pit.
Daniel Doty It wasn't a fifteen minute install, more like drop it in and plug it in. Ease of install
Ken J. Brozowski Ease of use. Simple design. Pumps well and is made well. It runs quiet, an turns on without kicking hard or twisting...
Dean Rohs I would recommend this product for it's easy installation and performance. Although it's not the most powerful sump pump I've ever used, it is certainly well suited for my needs. The installation was extremely easy and all the parts were included. I think the best feature was how easy it was to install. The instructions were simple and to the point and well illustrated. I was up and running in a very short time.
Donald L. Miller I would recommend this pump to anybody who has a shallow hole with a short distance to exit the water. I have a very deep hole for the subpump to discharge the water. The pump is about 13ft down in a 26" round hole. In shallow, short distance for water discharge, it pumps the water out fast. and the check valve is indead necessary. I am adding a second pump, for a backup, and will use the Flotec pump for my basement second backup pump.